Penketh’s Loves: Post-Its and sticky notes

August 25

When browsing our site, you might have come across a category of products called Penketh’s Loves. These are the stationery and supplies products that our staff love to use and the bits and bobs you’ll find in all of our offices. As part of this, we’re going to be catching up with various members of our Penketh’s Business Supplies team to find out what stationery or supplies item it is they couldn’t live without.

We’re a gang of self-confessed book-sniffers, pen-clickers and full force stationery geeks so want to share our insight into the industry must-haves – even if it means going right back to the basics. In this post, we’re doing just that and lifting the lid on why our Purchase Ledger, Karen owes so much to the humble Post-It note.


First though, let’s get to know this legendary member of our inhouse Accounts team a little better…

Tell our readers something they might not know about you: I’ve got 12 tattoos and I’m still adding to the collection

If you weren’t a Purchase Ledger what would you be doing? Working witch children in care homes or schools

Sausage rolls or Rock & Roll? Rock & Roll of course!

Now for the most pressing question – why are Post-Its and sticky notes such an integral part of Karen’s day-to-day tasks?

Hands on creativity – Technology is great but sometimes, you just can’t beat doing things the old-fashioned way. Post-Its are perfect for those who prefer analogue ways of working over digital – just one of the ways sticky notes can boost productivity.

Reminders and to-do lists – The Accounts team have lots and lots of deadlines to meet so Post-It notes are an effective way to prompt you to get stuff done on time.

Keeps files and paperwork in order – Tearing up a Post-It note into smaller pieces is a great way to mark your place in a file or book when you need to find paperwork or information quickly.

Jotting down notes, codes and numbers on the phone – From invoice and VAT numbers to direct lines and addresses, it’s always good to have a stack of sticky notes to hand when you need to note something down in a hurry.

Marking your slice of cake in the fridge – Say no more! Hands off!

Top tips from our experts:

  • Peel Post-It notes off from the side rather than top to bottom so they don’t curl up when stuck down.
  • Make your sticky note usage more sustainable by using both sides of the paper, tearing them in half when a full one isn’t required, and repurposing ones which haven’t been written on or defaced.

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